Email Terms of Use

Email Terms of Use for The Mad Capitalist

It’s understandable if you want to ignore these Terms and Conditions, but if you don’t read them, we can’t tell you how we’ll help you or what you can anticipate from our service (email).

Remember that your continued usage of our services and interactions with us are contingent upon your familiarity with and adherence to these guidelines.


  • EMAIL – refers to a circumstance where The Mad Capitalist sends one or more emails related to our services and information regarding financial products and others;
  • USER – is any individual – refers to any person who is at least 18 years old and with a valid email address registered in the platform;
  • THE MAD CAPITALIST – refers to The Mad Capitalist website portal and its regulations;
  • REGISTRATION FORM – refers to the email registration form where the user can register their email address to receive messages related to our services and information.

Before the website sends users emails, the users must consent to do so. To accomplish this, you may text a certain term to a designated number or tick a box on an online registration form.

When you fill out our registration form and turn on our notification services, you agree to all of the terms and conditions in these Email Terms of Use.

Acceptable Use of Email

The Mad Capitalist always behaves professionally and responsibly when using email. We will not send spam, perform phishing, or other forms of electronic harassment and discrimination.

Prohibited Content

Emails from The Mad Capitalist will never include content infringing on third parties rights, such as copyrighted articles or images. Sometimes, we may provide users with private information through email, and it is their right to keep this information secret. The Mad Capitalist also promises not to send any obscene, defamatory emails or advocate criminal behavior.

Security Measures

Email accounts, passwords, hacking, and other security issues are the exclusive responsibility of the user, not The Mad Capitalist. Users must also promptly disclose any suspected security breaches to their email service provider.


Whenever users decide they no longer wish to receive emails from The Mad Capitalist, they should be allowed to do so. The ability to disable participation is quick and easy. As a result, you can stop receiving our emails by contacting us through the website.

Consequences of Violating the Email Terms of Use

If you violate these Email Terms of Use, The Mad Capitalist may stop sending you emails.

Users agree to comply with these Email Terms of Use and all relevant laws and regulations by opting in to receive emails and/or email marketing from The Mad Capitalist. The Mad Capitalist may change these terms at any moment.

Final terms

The user should contact The Mad Capitalist at [email protected] if they receive a request for information by email, SMS message, or any other means by one of the financial institutions or any other party that is not The Mad Capitalist. The Mad Capitalist, however, cannot be held responsible for any dishonest behavior on the part of any third party.